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Join our community of thousands of other NEDs and get exclusive access to all of our member benefits. We support members throughout their lifecycle as a NED, from new appointment, settling into a new role, building a portfolio of roles to resignation and retirement. These include exclusive access to our member only events, news and publications, our NEDA Jobs Board and discounts on specialist NED training.

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Benefits for NEDs throughout your journey

See how the services we offer tie-in with each stage on the NED lifecycle.

Pre-role Planning
  • The NED Handbook

  • So you want to be a NED - What do You Need to Know?

  • The NED Certificate

  • Events and Networking

  • CV and Interview Guidance (with our selected Partners)

New Appointment
  • The Essential NED Training Programme

  • The NED Certificate

  • Events and Networking

  • NEDA Knowledge and Publications

  • Essential NED Training

  • Role Onboarding and Integration Advice

Established Role
  • NEDA Knowledge and Publications

  • Specialist Training (Risk, Audit, Strategy)

  • Early Next Step and Succession Planning

  • Events and Networking

Succession Plans
  • CV Development

  • Interview Guidance

  • Events and Networking

  • NED Mentoring and Coaching

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What our members say

“I enjoyed the evening and learnt a good deal. Nothing but good things to say about it!”...

“Excellent event; well organised, structured and chaired. Congratulations”…

“I thought the event worked really well. The combination of talk followed by panel Q&A was really good…. And the networking time at the start and end, as well”…

“A very good Update from a NED perspective” …

“The summary documents were excellent... 5 out of 5!” …

“Very useful especially the case study and practical issues faced by NEDs” …

“One of the most interesting NED Updates I have ever attended – this topic has rarely been covered – very helpful and clear”…

"Excellent content, interaction and explanation"..." Great course and presentation - I really learnt a lot from the day and the materials are now proving very useful!"...

"One of the most effective training sessions I have attended. The trainer managed to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time with an engaging and thought-provoking manner."

Benefits of Membership


    We offer a range of training for NEDs, ranging from our NED Certificate through to specialist training, which looks at committees (Audit, Remuneration, Nominations).


    We run regular member only networking opportunities and events, ranging from NED Updates, Our Contemporary NED Event, The NEDA Debate and The Annual NED Awards.


    Our insights section brings together a summary of key news articles, publications and thought leadership for our membership produced and compiled by NEDA and our key Sponsors and Partners.


    We provide a tailored and supportive mentoring services that is focused on the individual, not only helping aspiring NEDs to develop and understand their objectives and the roles that they are looking for but also advising experienced NEDs in a confidential environment on issues they may be facing.


    The NED Jobs Board brings you a range of new NED positions, both NEDA Exclusive Jobs and a selection of publicly available roles we have sourced that are relevant for our membership.

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