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The NED Certificate Bundle

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The NED Certificate is an initiative launched by NEDA to support a structured NED training and education programme based on three modules of activity.

Each of these can be purchased separately depending on your own needs, experience and personal learning style - however we recommend purchasing these as a bundle to make the most of your learning journey.

We offer discounted pricing for NEDA Members.

Our NED Certificate
The Handbook

The Non-Executive Directors' Handbook (6th edition) is published by the Non-Executive Directors' Association (NEDA), and is an accessible and practical guide for Non-Executive Directors at each stage of their NED career.

Most relevant to:

Pre-role Planning

New Appointment



The Essential NED Training Course

A full day training course, over two morning sessions, covers the main items of the handbook and is tailored to both aspirant and newly appointed NEDs.

Most relevant to:

Pre-role Planning

New Appointment

£800.00 +VAT

£600 +VAT for Associate Members

The Test

A 60 minute, 30 question test. The Certificate draws all of it’s questions from the Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook.

Most relevant to:

New Appointment

£125.00 +VAT


Buy the NED Certificate as a Bundle

The NED Certificate supports a structured NED training and education programme based on three modules of activity that we recommend purchasing as a bundle.

The bundle includes:

The Handbook The Course NED Certificate Test

£800.00 + VAT
£600.00 + VAT
(Associate Members)


The NED Certificate

Our industry leading product, which supports a structured training and certification programme for NEDs

What our members say

"Excellent content, interaction and explanation"..." Great course and presentation - I really learnt a lot from the day and the materials are now proving very useful!"...

"One of the most effective training sessions I have attended. The trainer managed to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time with an engaging and thought-provoking manner."

“I really appreciate these short sharp sessions, you covered a number of areas I had not considered before!”

"Great insights into practical experience, very effective update on current developments, able to network with a new group of NEDs."

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