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Thursday 25 April 2019

Jobs Board

Association for Physical Education (afPE) ; Treasurer

• a 3 year period of office;
• attending 4 Board meetings per year plus occasional additional meetings;
• demonstrating a sound understanding of financial procedures, key financial controls and financial data interpretation;
• presenting financial recommendations and a relevant risk report to the Management Board on behalf of the Finance Committee;
• providing a lead in afPE’s financial accountability, integrity, effectiveness and transparency;
• on behalf of the Finance Committee, informing the Management Board on the approval of accounts;
• keeping the Board aware of, and informed about, its financial duties and responsibilities;
• reporting to the Chief Executive Officer on issues relating to the Finance Officer’s deliverable targets and contributing evidence towards the Finance Officer’s performance management review;
• regularly scrutinising financial income and expenditure accounts on behalf of Finance Committee and ensuring that relevant papers are made available to members of the Finance Committee;
• on behalf of the Finance Committee, ensuring that accounts are clear and easily understood;
• presenting the annual accounts to the membership either via the website or General Meeting, whichever is appropriate in the circumstances.
• serving on the Board of afPE Ltd. in the event of it being activated.

In order to stand for selection to the Board a candidate must be either a current member of the Association for Physical Education or indicate that they stand as an independent trustee fulfilling the criteria set out in the Trustee Information Pack.

There is no restriction on any member (other than staff or trainees) being nominated for selection to the Board.

School-based representation will further extend the combined skills set of the Management Board.

Where school membership rather than individual membership exists only one person from the school may be nominated for any or all of the positions but proposing and seconding may be made from the same school.

All nominations will be considered by a panel consisting of current trustees and representation from the Association’s Nominations Committee. A short list will be drawn up. Successful nominees will be invited for interview from which selection will be made and then approved by the Management Board

Location: UK

Industry: Sports & Recreation

Closing Date: 01/03/2019

Posted Date: 24/01/2019

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