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In collaboration with our sponsors, partners and other reputable sources we bring together insight to ensure that members keep up to date and stay well informed in their role as a NED.

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How do I develop a ‘strategic mindset’, and what does it mean?

If you are considering embarking on a NED career you are expected to bring a strategic perspective to the boardroom. But what does that mean and is this somethi...

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Hope on the horizon

The combination of the vaccines and scientific advances gives us real hope that we will learn to live with Covid-19 effectively.

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EtonBridge Partners27/08/2021
How can Procurement add value to the M&A process?

As businesses return to operating at full speed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, M&A's are on the increase. How can procurement professionals with ...

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How to manage wellbeing as we return to work

The pandemic has exaggerated wellbeing issues and created new ones. But there are measures you can take to manage them effectively.

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AESC & EtonBridge Partners18/08/2021
Shifting to Stakeholder Capitalism: Beyond Virtue Signaling to Viable Impact

"What kind of capitalism do we want? That may be the defining question of our era. If we want to sustain our economic system for future generations, we mus...

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Willis Towers Watson18/08/2021
New satellite data reveals increasing proportion of population exposed to floods...

New research provides ground-breaking insights into rising flood risk globally. Cloud to Street uses direct satellite observations of flooding and refines this ...

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There is no planet B

Does space hold the key to our planet’s future? With entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos bringing the vast void of space to our doorstep,...

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ICAEW & NEDA18/08/2021
Taking on the role of ‘Non-Executive Director’… boards do need You!

Louis Cooper, NEDA CEO, has written a blog post for the ICAEW giving tips and useful information on preparing for a NED role.

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Institute of Business Ethics18/08/2021
FTSE 100 Codes of Ethics: Room for Improvement

Latest research from the IBE has found that only 81 FTSE 100 companies have a code of ethics that is publicly available. And when assessed by their research tea...

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