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In collaboration with our sponsors, partners and other reputable sources we bring together insight to ensure that members keep up to date and stay well informed in their role as a NED.

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NED Insights

We bring together key news, reports and research to ensure you stay well informed in your role as a NED

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HMRC Debt and Enforcement Statistics

As lockdown measures have relaxed, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has restarted debt collection activities with customers.

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Six steps to staying cyber aware

The best way to minimise the damage of a cyber attack is to be prepared.

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Thinking Differently

Groupthink reduces the ability of investment teams to generate ideas that are contrary to market consensus. So it's important to seek out diversity of thoug...

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Willis Towers Watson11/10/2021
Global M&A activity remains on track for record-breaking year

Dealmaking is set to overtake previous all-time highs, fuelled by returning optimism, pent up demand and investors flush with cash.

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Willis Towers Watson08/10/2021
Managing the risks of working with social media influencers

When a social media influencer you’ve been working with makes the news for the wrong reasons, you could find your organisation in the spotlight too. So ho...

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EtonBridge Partners07/10/2021
The unique value creation opportunity for CFOs created by the global pandemic

CFOs have a unique opportunity to drive optimisation as a result of the pandemic, whilst fulfilling the most common expectation of CEOs - to focus most on drivi...

, False, , False, 27/05/2024 17:36:15
How social enterprises pivoted in the face of Covid-19

Social enterprises have shown incredible resilience throughout the Covid-19 crisis, despite the acute challenges posed by the pandemic and successive lockdowns.

, False, , False, 27/05/2024 17:36:15
Sustainability: changing behaviours through changing priorities

Embedding sustainability into a business – even in a fledgling way – is, of course, to be celebrated. But that is no longer enough.

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Board Agenda04/10/2021
How resilience reporting could help firms meet future challenges

Boards face a formidable piece of new work as the government pushes forward with reforms to corporate reporting.

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