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In collaboration with our sponsors, partners and other reputable sources we bring together insight to ensure that members keep up to date and stay well informed in their role as a NED.

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Non-Executive Directors – Make 2023 the year for Speaking Up

This year marks 25 years of whistleblowing law in the UK and the profile of whistleblowing has never been higher.  Non-Executive Directors will rightly wan...

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NED Awards 2023: Shortlists Announced

The best of Britain’s boardroom talent will be celebrated at the Non-Executive Director Awards 2023. This year saw a record number of nominations and the ...

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NED Annual Debate 2023

On Wednesday 22 February 2023 the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (‘NEDA’) and WTW hosted the annual NED Debate, in association with CMS ...

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FRC dispels misconceptions of Corporate Governance and Stewardship

The Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) has published a ‘myth-buster’ overview that seeks to dispel the common misconceptions about the ...

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CMA reminds employers to avoid anti-competitive practices

The Competition and Markets Authority (‘CMA’) has reminded companies to avoid anti-competitive practices. New materials have been published by the C...

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QCA: A Never-Ending Story Report

The Quoted Companies Alliance (‘QCA’) have recently published the findings of their review of the production of the company annual report and accoun...

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NEDs sharing wisdom from the boardroom

This article is one in a series of interviews with NEDs from widely diverse backgrounds. The intention is to share experience and wisdom as they reflect on thei...

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Horizon Scanning for 2023 – What should be on the boardroom agenda as we enter t...

During the last three years we have been navigating what for many has been unchartered waters in the shadow of the global pandemic and an unfolding economic cri...

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IBE: Measuring Ethical Culture

The Institute of Business Ethics (‘IBE’) have recently published their Good Practice Guide which is intended to help businesses define and measure t...

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