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In collaboration with our sponsors, partners and other reputable sources we bring together insight to ensure that members keep up to date and stay well informed in their role as a NED.

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CMS: Companies in distress: directors’ duties and helpful tools

CMS have launched a programme that helps boards to consider when companies are in distress how directors need to review and assess their responsibilities and du...

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The UK Net Zero Review

The Government’s Net Zero Review explains the economic benefits of reaching net zero and recommends key policies that would help the UK meet this goal. A ...

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CMS: Protection from Protests

CMS have launched a programme that helps boards and senior business leaders to consider the impact of protest on the streets, protest online, even litigation us...

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FRC: What makes a good Annual Report and Accounts

The Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) has published ‘What makes a Good Annual Report and Accounts’ that sets out the attributes for a ...

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NEDs sharing wisdom from the boardroom

This article is one in a series of interviews with NEDs from widely diverse backgrounds. The intention is to share experience and wisdom as they reflect on thei...

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The Truth about Company Purpose – a new perspective from Purposecraft

We are used to hearing that company purpose is important. More significantly, over eighty percent of executives now recognise that companies treating their purp...

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CMS: Advising the Board on Director Duties Risk

CMS have published a new ‘Advising the Board’ report as part of their Risk, Resilience and Reputation series. Executive and non-executive directors ...

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WTW 10th Annual Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Survey

2022 has seen huge changes from the rise of inflation to the war in Ukraine, political and financial instability as well as the re-opening of most of the world ...

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FRC: Annual Review of Corporate Governance Reporting

The Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) annual review found that there was a general improvement in reporting against the UK Corporate Governance Co...

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