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False Assurance: How Would You Act?

Tuesday 25 September 2018

False Assurance: How Would You Act?

Date: 15 November 2017

Venue: London

False Assurance: How Would You Act?...

Join us for this special joint event run by the ICAEW's Corporate Governance Community and the Non - Executive Directors' Association (NEDA).

“We thought everything was in place for a successful future but how wrong we all were.”

False Assurance is an exciting drama film, directed by an award-winning director, created to facilitate thought provoking discussions about how boards, company directors (including NEDs), accountants and auditors should act when faced with difficult business situations. It is ICAEW's first venture into the production of drama films and the quality of this film sets it apart from other corporate training films.

The event will be facilitated by Duncan Wiggetts who wrote the script and is ICAEW's Executive Director of Professional Standards.

False Assurance is unlike other corporate films. It features well known UK television and film actors and was professionally produced. It raises topical corporate governance questions and will prompt interesting discussions on many issues, including:

  • The evaluation of cyber security risks.
  • Effectiveness of anti-bribery controls.
  • The structure of executive compensation packages.
  • The robustness of internal controls around approval of suppliers and agents.
  • Effectiveness of whistle-blowing procedures.
  • The reliability of internal investigations.

False Assurance also provides an insight into the consequences that may result from a decision to take the ‘easy way out’ of a dilemma.

The film is split into four parts – each break provides the opportunity to discuss the issues arising in the preceding part and debate what you would do in the same situations. It can be used as part of discussions within board meetings or as part of away-days for non-executive directors and senior management teams. 

What is False Assurance about?

Alex Frayn, the former chief financial officer of a fictitious company called D-Merton, tells the story of two turbulent years in the life of that company. He explains how D-Merton was brought to its knees by the actions of its executive directors, the lack of vigilance and courage by its board of directors and failure by the company’s auditors to identify and investigate red flag issues.


De Vere Venues
Holborn Bars, 


17.30: Registration and coffee

18.00 – 19.30: Film and facilitated activity

19.30: Networking and drinks

20.30: Close

To read further background information download this booklet. Please click here.

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Join us for this special joint event run by the ICAEW's Corporate Governance Community and the Non - Executive Directors' Association (NEDA.