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Monday 25 March 2019
Topical Update for Entrepreneurial and Growth Businesses

The Smith & Williamson’s Thought Leadership for entrepreneurs, growth companies and their advisers includes sections on:

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Gender Representation In The Boardroom

The Autumn edition of ‘Board Talk' (from Russam GMS) sets out a summary of the debate: "This House believes that statutory proportionate gender representation in the Boardroom (quotas for women) is an irrelevance"

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IRM Extended Enterprise - Resources Pack

Examining risk ‘beyond the walls' of organisations, the  IRM's latest thought leadership project has looked at practical tools and techniques for understanding and managing risk in extended and complex enterprises.

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Cyber Security: balancing risk and reward with confidence

There is now a higher expectation that boards have a handle on the critical risks to their business – and cyber risks are no exception. Non-Executive Directors in particular, as the independent conscience of the board, are well placed to challenge the status quo and ask probing questions in this area.

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