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Thursday 25 April 2019
UK Customer Satisfaction Index - January 2018

The Institute of Customer Service has published the UK Customer Satisfaction Index for January 2018, which identifies the state of customer satisfaction in the UK.

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The 2017 Non-Executive Directors Debate Report

The 2017 Non-Executive Directors’ Association Debate held at Smith & Williamson’s London office in Moorgate, on Wednesday 20th September 2017, questioned whether whether board performance evaluation lacks real purpose and conviction with directors too often ending up patting themselves on the back rather than putting the boardroom under the microscope.

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The 2017 Good Governance Report

CQI welcomes 2017 Good Governance Report and calls for wider governance debate.

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Business Ethics And Artificial Intelligence

The rapid development and evolution of AI technologies, while unleashing opportunities for business and communities across the world, have prompted a number of important overarching questions that go beyond the walls of academia and high-tech research centres in the Silicon Valley.

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