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Tuesday 18 June 2019
The 2017 Good Governance Report

CQI welcomes 2017 Good Governance Report and calls for wider governance debate.

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Business Ethics And Artificial Intelligence

The rapid development and evolution of AI technologies, while unleashing opportunities for business and communities across the world, have prompted a number of important overarching questions that go beyond the walls of academia and high-tech research centres in the Silicon Valley.

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The Private Equity Chairman Challenge

This new guide published by Equity Chair and Catalysis Advisory looks at the role of the Chairman in PE backed businesses pre- and post-deal especially as they are relied upon by investors to increase their confidence that their relationship with management teams are well governed. There are too many situations where the fit between investee situations and the chairman is not quite right – the three-way relationship between chairman, management and investors could work significantly better.

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Doing the right thing: responsible financial reporting

Institute of Business Ethics (‘IBE’) calls for directors to act if they detect anything that might undermine a true and fair view.

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