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Organisation Services

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Organisation services

We understand the need for organisations to find, appoint and develop the right individuals to sit on their boards as a non-executive director.

It is a key role in governance terms especially in bringing an independent and enquiring mind to the boardroom table. We support organisations, who may also be members of NEDA, through bespoke in-house training and education packages - see dedicated sections of this website - as well as our broader NED Development Package and our independent Board Performance Evaluation service - see details set out below. We are keen to explore the right solution for you, your Board and your NEDs or Trustees.

The NED Development Programme
Board Performance Evaluation

The NED Development Programme is an integrated programme of activities that an organisation can use to help their senior people find new NED role(s) alongside their on-going executive work. The programme links an NED training package with help in finding a new role and on-going mentoring and support. This type of programme helps to promote great diversity and an earlier adoption of NED activity.

For further details of the Programme please call +44 (0) 1344 388011 or contact us by e-mail:

Understanding + Placement + Support


An intensive and rigorous learning experience

  • The NED Life-cycle
  • NED Role & Responsibilities
  • Technical knowledge
  • Practical case studies
  • Simulations / scenarios

Help with finding the most appropriate appointments

  • Review range of roles
  • Intros to search professionals
  • Writing the right CV
  • Interview techniques
  • Induction process

On-going interaction whilst undertaking NED roles

  • Regular contact
  • Act as a sounding-board
  • Knowledge updates
  • Practice skills development
  • Access to other NEDs
a structured education programme
professional recognition

Organisation services

Our independent Board Performance Evaluation service helps boards to obtain external support in undertaking this crucial exercise. Boards typically seek an independent view, at least every 3 years if quoted and having to follow the UK Corporate Governance Code, and we can facilitate a well-rounded 360 degree approach, which includes an appropriate element of benchmarking and comparison with leading practices.

For further details of the Programme please call +44 (0) 1344 388011 or contact us by e-mail: