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Chairing the Board and Committee

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4 October 2022


9.30 - 12.30


ICAEW Virtual Classroom 


ICAEW in association with NEDA


NEDA Members: £375 (+ VAT); Non-Members: £575 (+VAT)
(Please contact: to obtain the member discount details in advance of booking)

The role of the Chair as leader of the board is critical in making sure that boards are effective and do their job. The Chair role is often taken on by the next in line, rather than someone who has been groomed and educated in the intricacies of the role. The Chair is also the person who builds the board and committee and so is central to good succession planning, whilst acting as the gatekeeper to diversity and inclusion.


This interactive and practical course is designed to provide insight to help chairs of boards and committees, both aspirant and acting, to be more professional in the role and to lead their meetings effectively and efficiently. Meetings have also moved on-line and so the chair needs to consider how to get the best out of virtual meetings.

This is a challenging session that enables the participants to consider good practice and to have access to tried and tested techniques which maximise input and get the best results from a positive meeting environment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the role of a Chair – taking charge… but also listening
  • Preparation for the meeting with planning and agendas – setting the right tone
  • Considering the content to cover – the right balance of information Being efficient and valuable – time keeping vs. the right outputs
  • Determining the flow of meetings – contribution and engagement
  • Focusing the board on making decisions and achieving results – set/meet expectations
  • The art of good communication – group dynamics
  • Running online, virtual meetings – establishing the most appropriate environment
  • Hearing hints and tips from an experienced Chair – what works well vs, what to avoid

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