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Finance for Non-Finance Directors….
and how to navigate your course in a time of change and uncertainty

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01 December 2020 - 02 December 2020


9.30 – 13.00 on both days


On-line virtual classroom


London Stock Exchange in partnership with NEDA


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All board members, both executive and non-executive, need a robust understanding of financial concepts in order to discharge their fiduciary duties as directors. The current pandemic crisis has brought with it a re-focus on the financial essentials, whilst also looking to plan and develop new strategies for a new world order.

This course will equip board members (in particular those who are not qualified accountants) with the financial skills and knowledge to interpret and challenge board-relevant financial information. Boards are very much under the spotlight to make informed decisions that will protect and enhance both their current and future viability. Financial reporting, internally and externally, needs to be clear, concise, accurate and relevant to the organisation.

The sessions will be interactive and draw upon the experiences of all attendees. Case studies will also be used to ensure that examples of good practice are understood and re-enforced.

Participants should expect to find this a challenging, and highly rewarding, programme.

The course covers:

Governance and finance

  • Key stakeholder expectations and shareholder value
  • The Board’s financial responsibilities
  • The Audit Committee - roles and responsibilities
  • The External Audit – roles and responsibilities

Internal financial management

  • Management accounting
  • Budgets, forecasts and variance analysis
  • Internal financial control

External financial reporting

  • The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • The Strategic Report and Directors’ Report
  • Key accounting policies and standards
  • Non-financial information (NFI) reporting

Finance in the current environment

  • Return to the core essentials
  • Going concern and viability considerations
  • Strategic financial management
  • Sources of finance – now and in the future

All participants will receive a full documentation package of slides and materials (soft copies).

Whilst this event is on-line spaces are limited. Book on the course via the link.




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