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Finance for Non-Finance Directors Workshop

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Tuesday 21st and
Wednesday 22nd November 2023
(two half-days)


9.30 – 13.30 (both days)


Online virtual training session




Non-Member rate: £850 + VAT; NEDA member rate: £750 + VAT
(to obtain the NEDA rate contact: or

All board members, both executive and non-executive, need a robust understanding of the key financial concepts and corporate reporting requirements in order to discharge their fiduciary duties as directors. Board directors do not need to be qualified accountants, but they cannot say “I do not understand the finances” …

This course, spread over two mornings, will equip and give board members the confidence to apply ‘fit for purpose’ financial skills to interpret and challenge board-relevant financial information. The sessions are interactive rather than a ‘lecture’ and will draw upon the experiences of the trainer and all of the attendees. Case studies will also be used to bring the content to life and to consider real-world examples.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Appreciation of the link between governance and finance, covering: The Board’s financial responsibilities; The Audit Committee - roles and responsibilities; Internal financial controls
  • Knowledge and understanding of external financial reporting, covering: The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement; The Strategic Report and Directors’ Report; Key accounting policies and standards; Non-financial information (NFI) reporting
  • Ability to interpret internal financial management, covering: Management accounting; Budgets, forecasts and variance analysis; Foreign exchange, interest rates and hedging
  • Insight into typical sources of finance, covering: Debt, equity and hybrid; Angels, VC, PE, Capital markets; Cost of Capital
  • Consideration of the perspectives of key stakeholders, covering Stakeholder groups; Shareholder value and how companies are valued; The External Audit – roles and responsibilities

Please note that your booking to this event will be for the mornings of both 21st and 22nd November. Your registration information will be shared by the QCA and NEDA as part of the logistics of running the event.

Feedback from previous sessions

  • “Excellent course - the course content exceeded my expectations”
  • “This was exactly the level of detail I required to feel confident as a Board member reviewing a set of accounts”
  • “Good exercises and interaction throughout the sessions”
  • “As a result of the course I feel much more confident about this area than before”

To see further details of the course, follow the link. NEDA members are eligible for the QCA member rate as noted above.



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