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NEDA Training Course
- September 2020
- LSE - ESG Workshop

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21 September 2020


9.15 – 13.00


On-line Workshop


London Stock Exchange in association with NEDA


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Assessing and managing ESG risks and opportunities at board level


Sustainability is now central to corporate competitiveness and a company’s continued ability to operate. Consistent with their fiduciary duties company directors must provide their investor with greater transparency into how the company is addressing environmental and social trends, including meeting changes in stakeholder expectations.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (‘ESG’) concerns, are increasingly positioned at the top of board agendas and challenges, especially at the most progressive companies.

Course objectives

The course objectives include: 

  • considering  the board level input needed to the identification and management  of the ESG risks posed by fast moving environmental and societal developments;
  • how to gauge and deal with changing stakeholder expectations;
  • the ability to integrate ESG risks into the broader Enterprise Risk Management practices; and
  • how to  promote measurement and disclosure of meaningful ESG information which enables management and the board to assess the overall resource needs,  effective capital allocation and the resilience and competitive advantage needed by the company.

Key take-aways and outcomes

Directors need to act now to recognise sustainability as a fundamental element of their stewardship and fiduciary role within a company.

This on-line workshop, organised by LSEG Academy, in collaboration with NEDA, will provide delegates with a clear view on how to actively engage and provide guidance on ESG integration into a company’s long-term strategy.

Programme Agenda

  1. What a board member needs to know about sustainability: international standards frameworks
  • The Sustainability agenda: Key global frameworks and players
  • Sustainability: Risk management and impact approaches
  • How companies get organised to integrate sustainability
  • Understanding the EU sustainable finance Taxonomy
  • Understanding the EU sustainable finance Taxonomy
  1. The ESG agenda and what it means for boards - with guest speakers drawn from:
  • Chapter Zero – how boards can enhance their knowledge and understanding of this complex and critical business challenge.
  • The Quoted Companies Alliance – what it means for smaller listed and growth companies, with insight drawn from a recent survey of board directors and NEDs.
  • Willis Towers Watson - a practical view of the latest global ESG trends and developments, and how boards are responding to increasing stakeholder expectations.
  1. ESG threats and opportunities - the risk, assurance and reporting cycle
  • The corporate risk profile and assessing the bigger picture
  • Assurance mapping to get the best view of how ESG risks are being tackled
  • The effective use of monitoring and reporting – moving from messaging to living your values



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