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Risk in the Boardroom

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Friday 8th December 2023


09:30 - 13:30


Virtual Online Training Session


Institute of Risk Management (‘IRM’) in association with NEDA


NEDA member rate £384 (see details below). Full rate: £468



The board has overall responsibility and accountability for risk management and there is an expectation that directors of organisations, both big and small, have the appropriate levels of knowledge and experience in this area. This session provides a good practical view of what board members and board stakeholders need to know about risk management.


The Course

This on-line version of the course will provide attendees with:

  • Better risk leadership from the top, acting as the key sponsor of activity in this area
  • Added insight into a more strategic approach to risk management
  • Ability to review and positively challenge the current company process
  • Ensure that risk management is on a cycle of continuous improvement


Overview agenda

The on-line session will include a range of exercises, discussion points and input from the rich blend of attendee experience. We will deliver a quality experience which will add value and meet your needs and expectations.

In outline the areas that will be covered include:


1.            Putting risk into context

  • Background and definitions of risk
  • Risk and Governance
  • Embedding the process


2.            Managing risk with practical examples

  • Frameworks and approaches
  • Standards (UK CG: ISO31000; COSO etc.)
  • Walkthrough of key concepts and stages
  • Risk improvement programmes and use of technology


3.            Key areas of focus and latest trends

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Strategic risk management
  • Risk appetite, culture, opportunity and reputation
  • The ‘extended enterprise’ and risk
  • Risk and assurance - getting the best fit
  • Risk monitoring and reporting


List of main learning objectives/outcomes:

  • Appreciate how risk is a key element of good governance
  • Consider the latest trends and developments, especially strategic risk management
  • Improve risk identification, measurement and enterprise–wide profiling
  • Focus on the decision-making process based on risk treatment (residual risk position)
  • Basic benchmarking of the approach to recognised standards
  • Understanding of assurance needs and potential use of ‘assurance mapping’ techniques
  • Consideration of the potential use of technology as an enabler to the approach
  • Access and use of the latest IRM knowledge


Feedback from previous sessions

“A great overview and interactive exercises brought session alive ”

“Very relevant and a good reflection on current risk management developments”

“Good coverage of the main frameworks and approaches – also the use of case studies and real-life examples”

“Good spectrum of content and well delivered”


To see further details of the course follow the link. NEDA members are eligible for the IRM member rate – to make a booking for the course contact:





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