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The Effective Board Development Programme

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Thursday 3 October 2024


10.00 – 16.00


On-line Training session


UK Finance in association with NEDA


Non-member and NEDA Free-members rate: £1,025 + VAT
NEDA Premium-member rate: £825 + VAT (see details below)



Aspiring directors and NEDs in the Financial Services sector need basic knowledge and understanding of the role, new NEDs need to have the essential tools and techniques to hit the ground running, whilst experienced directors and NEDs need to keep up to date, both technically and with the further development of some of the softer personal skills and director competencies.

This practical, interactive on-line course is designed to provide Board members with the knowledge and skills required for them to carry out their roles effectively. The session combines a balance of technical learning with the personal soft skills needed and will also explore the changing corporate landscape in a new post-Covid 19 world.

Overview agenda

The on-line session will mirror the face-to-face session in terms of content and interaction and will include a range of exercises, discussion points and input from the rich blend of attendee experience. We will not compromise on delivering a quality experience which will add value and meet your needs and expectations.

In outline the areas that will be covered include:

  • The role of a Board Director – understanding vs. expectations
  • Corporate Governance – current developments and updates
  • The ‘Effective Board’ – what does a good board look like
  • View from the Boardroom – guest board director’s view of boards
  • Director competencies – experience, skills, attributes and knowledge
  • Board performance – how to determine required performance

A ‘Guest Board Director’ (NEDA member with FS industry background) will also provide latest boardroom insight as part of an informal Q&A session.

List of main learning objectives/outcomes:

  • Understand what it means to be a professional company director (executive and non-executive director) and consider the role in the context of the demands of the industry sector. Also explore how the role may need to change to meet the requirements of the ‘new normal’ that is currently being profiled.
  • Keep up to date with best-in-class governance practices that are aligned to stakeholder interests and are mindful of potential changes to corporate culture.
  • Appreciate what an ‘effective board’ looks like now and in the future and understand how you, as a board director should be adding tangible value to the organisation.
  • Receive insight into the tools and techniques used as part of a well-run board performance evaluation.
  • Gain from the knowledge and experience of NEDA the leading board and NED training and support organisation.

Feedback from previous sessions

"The course covered a broad range of content on the director and NED role and made me understand what to expect, whilst enabling me to conduct my own personal gap analysis."

"There was plenty of very useful content. It felt very comprehensive and has given me the confidence to understand what is expected as a professional director."

"A great overview of the role and responsibilities of a director and NED."

To see further details of the course follow the link. NEDA Premium-members are eligible for the UK Finance associate member rate – to make a booking for the course contact:




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