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Organisation Training and Courses

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Training & Courses For Organisations 

NEDA has developed an intensive core training course for organisations that covers the needs of Non-Executive Directors and others who work with them or advise boards.

It follows the training and education approach for individuals but is tailored for in-house sessions that reflect the requirements of the organisation, based on size, complexity, culture, sector.

Particular attention is given to: 

  • The NED role 
  • NEDs and the Board 
  • The committees relevant to the organisation 
  • Corporate governance, strategy and risk management - also relevant to the organisation.

Training & Courses
for organisations


Tailored education and training

The Board and NEDs need to have an on-going programme of education and training that meets the collective and individual needs. We have a range of programmes covering general updates and more detailed technical training.

The key element is to tailor sessions to meet your requirements and help your board members stay ahead of the game.

The course is designed to ensure attendees satisfy the core knowledge and understanding requirements of being a Non-Executive Director which is implicit in Company Law, and the many codes and guidelines which have been issued.

The programme will cover the key areas of:

  • Corporate Governance and the NED
  • Independent non-executives
  • Accepting a NED appointment
  • The board of directors and the role of the NEDs
  • Director's liability and liability insurance
  • The nomination committee
  • The remuneration committee
  • The audit committee Internal control and risk management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Other issues.

Course attendees will receive a free copy of the "Non-Executive Directors Handbook".

Further advanced courses are available on request and can also be run in-house for companies. Please call +44 (0) 1344 388011 for further information or contact us on .