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The NED Certificate Bundle

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Our induction training provides your new Board Members with a chance to fully understand the requirements of the NED role and the specific requirements of your organisation.

The NEDA induction training we provide is fully customisable to the requirements of your Organisation.

As a base we ensure that the training covers, the same key elements that are in our individuals training including:

  • The NED role
  • NEDs and the Board
  • The committees relevant to the organisation
  • Corporate governance, strategy and risk management

This ensures that your new NEDs have a strong core knowledge in the key skills required to be a successful NED.

We are able to customise the case studies and examples used to be specific to the industry that you work in.  

We will work with you to then include sections of the training to cover the important things NEDs need to know about your organisation including:

  • Introduction to your ways of working, organisational culture and ethics.
  • People Management and Development Processes.
  • Financial Reporting Overview.
  • Ways of Working
  • Timetables for the Financial Year and Board Meetings

We recommend as part of induction training that a NED is given access to all areas of your organisation - be it offices, factories, retail spaces etc.



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