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Company Purpose:
Exploring the Gap Between Strategic Intent and Organisational Reality: Uncovering the Challenges

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Thursday 9 May 2024


11.00 to 11.30 am


Online Webinar



Purposecraft, in association with NEDA, ran a survey at the end of 2023 under the banner: “Company Purpose: a 90-Second Survey”, which focused on the understanding of the perspective of the Non-Executive Director. The results make interesting reading – see the News item dated 2 April 2024.

The results from NEDA members show a notable consensus on the importance of company purpose, with strong recognition of its foundational role in corporate governance. This consensus extends to its critical role in driving value creation and shaping the overarching strategy of the company. Such insights affirm the commitment of NEDA members to the principles of effective governance, underpinned by a clear and actionable company purpose.

72% of NEDA members affirmed the integration of the company purpose within the company culture, highlighting the board's vital role in fostering an environment that reflects and lives by its stated purpose. This is encouraging, as cultural integration is a cornerstone of effective governance and strategy implementation.

However, when compared to more operational based views gathered from a parallel survey there appears to be a significant difference in perspectives which poses the question - is company purpose, as crafted by the board, as deeply integrated into organisational culture and decision-making as is required to unlock its full strategic and competitive value?

To explore the challenges presented by this topical area, you are invited to attend a complimentary 30-minute webinar when the Purposecraft Team, Simon Clarkson and Jack Eatherley, will outline how to define a company purpose that is both unique and operationally viable; align strategy with organisational culture; and ensure purpose acts as a foundation for resilience and competitiveness.

This webinar aims to provide actionable insights into realising the full potential of company purpose across all organisational levels.

To sign-up for this short webinar please click on the ‘Book Now’ link above.



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