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How can YOU attract the right NED roles?... learn more about the tips of the trade

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27 September 2021


6.30pm – 7.30pm


On-line Webinar


Boardroom Ready / The CV & Interview Advisors

Come along to this interactive webinar to learn how head-hunters use LinkedIn and how you need to manage the LinkedIn algorithm so that you attract the right job opportunities.

There are three main ways you will hear about NED roles:

  1. through your own networks;
  2. search firms; and
  3. advertised paid roles.

Businesses will also place paid NED roles on LinkedIn and other job platforms, but so will the search firm. Most search firms will also source talent through LinkedIn and will use the 'LinkedIn Recruiter' licence to do this. Consequently, they will utilise a really sophisticated search functionality to filter down to exactly the right people.

If you want to be found by a search firm for a NED / Chair role, you need to know how the LinkedIn algorithm works, otherwise, you are simply flailing in the wind. Likewise, you need to know what information should go onto your LinkedIn profile, as well as your NED CV. 

This practical and highly informative webinar will be run by two leading experts in the field of LinkedIn, CVs, networking and personal brand - Heather White, Founder and Board Matchmaker of the Boardroom Ready programme and Matt Craven, MD of The CV & Interview Advisors

Use the link to register for the free workshop.

Note: Registration details will be shared by NEDA and Boardroom Ready / The CV & Interview Advisors as part of the logistics of running the event.



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