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NEDs and Boards – guiding your organisation from turbulence to resilience


28 July 2020


13.00 – 14.00


On-line Webinar

The recent NEDA webinar looked at what boards have learnt about themselves and their fellow board members during the current crisis, as well as what questions NEDs should now be asking their boards and the executive team in plotting their next course of action. As a follow up to this session NEDA and Strategic Arrow are hosting another on-line Webinar to consider how boards can guide their organisation into the next phase.

In particular, the obligations and liabilities of directors require that they know their organisations are able to survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. From disintegrating supply chains to fragile cash-flows, from rapidly changing customer requirements to staff mental-health issues, business leaders have never before needed to simultaneously manage such a panoply of business risks. The problem is that mainstream risk management systems do not necessarily work well in such a fast-moving maelstrom; in turbulent times a different approach is necessary.

The ’new normal’ demands a different but comprehensive approach for identifying and managing risks in the context of the crisis and the new world on the other side.  Participants in the Webinar will gain access to new and novel ways of thinking through these issues and will learn about different frameworks that can act as a route-map for their organisations. This in turn should enable NEDs in particular to know what questions they should be asking their Executive teams right now, as their organisations recover and rebuild.

The session will be led by Louis Cooper, NEDA CEO, and will consider the views and insight from Estelle Clark, NED, Trustee and Governance, Assurance & Improvement Strategist, Strategic Arrow Limited, Chartered Quality Institute, Engineering Council and UKAS and her Strategic Arrow colleague Emmanuel Lazaridis, Epidemiologist and Legal Executive who advises boards on compliance and decision-making in the contexts of pandemic and digital change.

Estelle and Emmanuel will be joined by Alla Bashenko an experienced business professional and portfolio NED who will help to sense check the way forward, based on what she has seen during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

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