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Pushy Little Things: Microaggressions toward females in positions of power in the business context

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Wednesday 19 October 2022


14:00 – 14:45


Online webinar



Most organisations today recognise the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion within their workplaces; however, organisations need to go beyond warm words to deliver on commitments in practice.

In this webinar series CMS address subtle aspects of discrimination in the workplace in the form of microaggressions, aiming to bring these issues to life and help leaders develop their awareness and understanding of the impact of behaviours that many write off as too trivial to mention; the little things that just happen.  Though “little” in name, these occurrences can become large by nature, and businesses must be aware of the deep and often devastating impact of ignoring them.

Microaggressions toward females in positions of power in the business context will explore some of the more common microaggressions in this space, with a focus on importance of appearance, differing perceptions of strong women (feisty) vs strong men (leaders) and assumptions about career aspirations.

The session will be chaired by Co-Chair of CMS’ Women’s Network, Karen Clarke, who will be joined by Jane Gotts, Director at GenAnalytics, a specialist analytical and market insights consultancy focused on the area of business performance improvement linked to diversity and equality in the workplace. The panel will also include other representatives from CMS’ Women’s network and a member of the employment team.

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