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The Contemporary NED

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22 October 2020


14.00 – 15.00


On-line Webinar

 Cometh the time… cometh the Digital NED?

Science fiction is becoming science ‘fact’ and we now live in a world where technology is developing at lightning speed. The result is exciting opportunities, but also massive disruption, creating big challenges for boards in organisations of every size and from every sector.

The last six months, in particular, have seen a rapid transition towards a new ‘virtual board’, in terms of both boardroom visibility and interaction. More emphasis has been placed on the use of technology across all areas of a business, but many boards are in danger of being left behind. Boards typically have a collective and individual expertise around finance and accounting (“the numbers”), but is it time to ensure that the same focus is now given to digital expertise, including areas such as data security, cyber risk and emerging technologies.

This year’s Contemporary NED Event run by NEDA and Smith & Williamson, supported by EquityChair, will seek to address:

  • Do we now need a ‘Digital NED’ on every board?
  • Do NEDs have the requisite knowledge and experience to provide oversight and insight of the digital strategy presented by the executive team?
  • How can boards be sure that they have the right composition, both executive and non-executive, to drive the digital agenda – how strong is the pipeline of what might be considered a new breed of board director?

We hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to welcoming you to this on-line webinar. All administrative activities for the event, including registration and on-line hosting, will be undertaken by Smith & Williamson.

The event will be chaired by Guy Rigby, Smith & Williamson and NEDA NED, and Guy will be in conversation with Mayank Prakash, CTO at Tilney Smith & Williamson; Martin Fincham, Board director of seven B2B SaaS companies and co-founder of scale-up advisory firm The Gorilla Factory, and Gabrielle Hase, NED at LS Retail, Amplience and Tate Enterprises.

You can book a place at the event by clicking the link.



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