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The Contemporary NED Masterclass

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Tuesday 28 November 2023


9.30 – 12.30


On-line virtual event


Women on Boards in association with NEDA


NEDA member rate £395 (see details below)



This Contemporary NED Masterclass offers a fast-paced tour through core issues and best practice on the key elements relevant to Board Directors and NEDs.

This Masterclass gives an overview of the latest developments in real world boardroom practice. An expert speaker will cover both the hard and soft skills involved in being an NED and provide time to reflect on and discuss common topics and challenges.

It is a 'must' for serving and aspiring corporate board directors who want to brush up their knowledge and understanding of core board-related issues. All participants will receive a full pack of materials from the session, as well as the opportunity to obtain a copy of the Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook, described as the definitive reference guide to understanding your role as a valued NED.

The three-hour masterclass focuses on:

  • Corporate Governance overview and update – key concepts and what it means with a focus on the recent code changes, review of current topics such as culture.
  • An ‘Effective Board’ – Director and NED roles, responsibilities and duties and a brief overview of board performance considerations. Also The Effective Board vs the Performing Board where you should be aiming? Latest developments and trends in boardroom activity.
  • Strategic Risk Management – Update on the strategic view of risk management from the board’s perspective, including how companies are positioning their own ‘ESG’ agenda.

Who is this session for?

You will get the most out of this event if you are an aspiring or serving board member and are looking to refresh or gain an up-to-date view of boardroom activity.

Feedback from previous sessions

“The eventpresenter was great – very thorough and passed on a lot of knowledge and insight”.

“Excellent session – time well spent in bringing me up to date”.

“Thank you!... a very good session that covered a lot of ground in the time”.

“Really good content and well delivered”.

To see further details of the course follow the link. NEDA members are eligible for the Women on Boards member rate – to make a booking for the course contact:




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