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Wednesday 11 September 2024


16.30 to 19:00


WTW, The Willis Building, 51 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7DQ


NEDA in association with WTW


On Wednesday 11th September 2024, WTW will be hosting the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (‘NEDA’) annual NED Debate, in association with Alumni Global, Board Agenda and CMS.


“This House believes boards struggle to identify and manage risk”.

Background to the Debate: 

We still see many instances of poor corporate governance with boards overlooking the very risks to which they should be applying oversight. This in turn can also impact how directors and NEDs manage their own personal risk and personal reputation. The NEDA Annual NED Debate will explore and debate the formal motion to try to gain insight as to what may be going wrong... or are our concerns misplaced?


In adopting the debate format to explore this very topical issue we are recognising there may be a close parallel between a debate and a boardroom. In each situation, there must be careful listening, respect for the opposing view and an atmosphere of constructive challenge to allow insights to fully develop. A good decision will hopefully result through the examination of alternative approaches.


The Debate will be Chaired by Barry Gamble.

Barry has extensive experience as a Board Director in the publicly quoted, private and charitable sectors. As Chairman of the ‘NED City Debates’ he has chaired a number of NED debates on the challenge of boardroom best practice.

He is Senior Advisor at NEDA and Advisory Board member, Board Agenda. He regularly writes about corporate governance, including letters published in the Financial Times.


The Debate teams have been hand-picked to provide a broad range of views and perspectives.
Proposing the motion:

General (retd.)
Sir Chris Deverell,

Formerly Commander Joint Forces, member UK Defence Chiefs of Staff. Portfolio strategic board advisor on innovation, strategy and leadership at Interos Inc, Babcock International Group, NewOrbit Space and Goldilock.

Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer

Global Fintech 50 Influencer, Author, Keynote Speaker and Banking and Regulatory Affairs Adviser. Portfolio NED and board/committee member at Aquis Exchange, permanent tsb (Ireland) and RTGS Limited.

Against the motion:

Angela Knight

Chair of Pool Re Board; NED and Board Committees at Encore Inc; Chair of Board Risk Committee at Vanquis Bank PLC; NED at Arbuthnot Banking Group plc; Chair (acting) of Astana Financial Services Authority.

Danny Lopez

Former British Consul General to New York and Director General trade and investment, North America. CEO at cyber security company Glasswall; NED at Innovate Finance and on Private Sector Council of UK GREAT Campaign.


[Note: No one should assume that the Debater's personal views either do or do not coincide with the side of the motion for which they are arguing].


The formal debate style really has its place particularly when tackling difficult and contentious topics. The debaters will be speaking without ‘PowerPoint presentations’ or props and relying on words alone to persuade, win over and sway the Floor.

The Debate will be a lively, interactive session with an indicative vote on the Motion at each end of the formal debating process and in the past votes have moved and been swayed by both the debaters and participants from the Floor - we therefore encourage YOU to attend and to get involved and make a difference from the Floor. Spaces are limited, and the interest is high.


WTW, The Willis Building, 51 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7DQ


16:30 - 17:00 - Arrivals & Registration
17:00 - 18:30 - The Debate
18:30 onwards - Drinks & Networking


“I really liked the format and the way it was facilitated and set up”. 

“Excellent job and the format allowed more easily for contrasting points of view. The participants did a very good job - nice balance of views and styles”. 

“I thought the debate itself was great with some very interesting leaders and proposals with great
chairing by Barry. 

“9/10... Don’t ask me what would get a 10/10, but you have to leave something to go for next time!”

“10/10 for a debate rather than a speech. Excellent choice of panel of speakers and inclusion of
the floor”. 

“This was a very good event, the debaters were excellent and the location very good”.

Please note that attendee name and organisation details will be shared between WTW, and NEDA in order to process registrations for this event.

To book your place at The NED Debate 2024 please click the link above:

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