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A Podcast With NEDA And Gordon Podcasts: How To Build Better Boards To Help Organisations Succeed

NEDA joins the Boardroom Bound Podcast with Alexander Lowry: "How to Build Better Boards to help Organisations Succeed".

On 19th June, NEDA CEO Louis Cooper sat down with Alexander Lowry from Boardroom Bound to discuss the role that Directors in Organisations can play in building Better Boards.
Boardroom Bound writes: 
"So many executives aspire to be a Director. Often they envision having a portfolio of board roles after they retire from the C-suite.
But being a Director isn’t easy! The demands of the role have increased. Directors need a great understanding of the business and are expected to provide a healthy level of independent challenge to the status quo.
Consequently, Directors need to know the right questions to ask and when to ask them. That’s how they’ll add value to an organization. And that’s the type of Director companies are seeking."

For more information and to listen to the Podcast click here.  



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