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BDO Report: Global risk landscape 2022
– A Fragmenting World

The new BDO Report: Global Risk Landscape – a Fragmented World has highlighted the seismic economic shocks that have led businesses, industries and governments to rethink supply security and, hence, supply chains, placing a bigger focus on resilience over efficiency and low costs. While the COVID-19 pandemic turned entire global supply chains upside down, the geopolitical shocks that will continue to have an impact on supply chains have been creeping up before the upheavals of 2020 and 2021.

Supply chains are breaking and changing like never before. Geo-political tensions, the climate crisis, the after-effects of a global pandemic and cybersecurity scares all create a hugely challenging network of risks for businesses in 2022. But how are they focusing on supply chain resilience, efficiency and sustainability amid the gathering storms from around the globe?

We surveyed 500 C-suite executives across Europe, MEA, APAC and the Americas for the seventh year running to understand their approach to risk management and how they are responding to global events that threaten their businesses.

Read the full report to find out:

  • How businesses are adapting their risk management frameworks to meet new challenges
  • The important role of risk leaders in businesses worldwide
  • Why supply chain transparency is becoming crucial to success
  • How business leaders assess supply chain risks like conflict and the climate crisis

The report and survey cover a range of issues and deliver a huge amount of useful data. You can use the data visualisation tools to gain insights that can help inform your risk management process and read the report to understand why leading businesses around the world are focusing on supply chain resilience and transparency.

To download the full report click on the link above.



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