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BoardEx: Representing wider society in business

Until recently, the main focus in terms of board diversity for many organisations was on gender balance, its profile elevated by government support for a more equal balance.

Clear information from data providers such as BoardEx has also helped raise visibility and increase transparency of gender balance through global reports on gender diversity and leadership diversity.

Despite significant progress in this area, there is still further to go – globally, 27% of women are on the boards of public companies while 19% of women hold leadership roles across companies listed on 26 major indexes.

Companies benefit in several ways from having diverse boards and leadership teams that reflect the gender, ethnicities and attributes of their employees, customers, suppliers and wider society. A key outcome is better decision-making, informed by the experiences and inputs of people from widely differing backgrounds. A company that embraces diversity in everything from leadership to the way it does business also gives its current and future talent, suppliers and other stakeholders confidence that it is committed to nurturing long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

The needle is starting to move in the right direction. However, diversity, equity and inclusion in companies remains a problem. To find out more about how BoardEx are shinning a light on this area please click on this link.




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