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Bringing Diversity On Board

The global Alumni team, examine the case for diversifying the profiles and skillsets of non-executive directors particularly given the ongoing corporate climate of digital disruption, and geopolitical instability. Through qualitative research, the firm has looked at the why, the who, and the how, of bringing in the diverse fresh perspectives essential to creating a more resilient and sustainable board composition. 

The Report covers a range of topical areas including:

  • Why the traditional non-exec profile needs to evolve.
  • The Chair’s key role in diversity.
  • Executive Search’s role in supporting the Chair.
  • Accessing Digital Diversity.
  • Organisations run on their people.
  • The moral and business imperative of sustainability.
  • Managing world turmoil from the boardroom.

As part of the report views and perspectives are provided by a range of board members and commentators which include Barry Gamble, senior adviser to the Non-Executive Directors’ Association & writer and chairman of The NED City Debates, who observes… “We still see far too many examples of governance blow-ups which point to a lack of meaningful debate and the thorough examination of alternative courses of action. Boards should work well as a team but avoid becoming too familiar or clubby. True bench strength requires thinking beyond the norm and considering what is not on the formal board agenda, but which might just warrant urgent attention."

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