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CMS: Protection from Protests

CMS have launched a programme that helps boards and senior business leaders to consider the impact of protest on the streets, protest online, even litigation used as a vehicle for protest.

Protestors targeting a business may be standing in a crowd, holding a placard or shouting slogans. But they may also be behind a computer screen or pursuing a claim against the business through the courts. They may even be working inside the business, preparing to compromise its systems or leak confidential information.

Whether they are activists, employees or customers, all these protestors may present a substantial challenge and a real threat to businesses, in areas including its security, reputation and bottom line.

CMS has prepared a series of videos that look at:

  • plans for risk mitigation and the legal steps that can be taken to deal with a protest
  • online protests
  • employee related protests
  • ESG-related protests
  • physical protests

You can find out more by following this link.



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