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Corporate Reputation and the NED Now

We need YOUR current perspectives in our latest survey…

Reputation is considered to be the level of trust, admiration and respect stakeholders have of an organisation. It is driven by various factors, from financial performance to customer service, and is critical to the long-term success and sustainability of a business.

Reputational damage, meanwhile, remains one of the key risks facing organisations, and the current global pandemic crisis (Covid-19) has brought this area to the forefront as Board Directors and NEDs grapple with the "new normal." To explore this reality, this research initiative is being undertaken jointly by The Non-Executive Directors' Association ('NEDA'), the members association supporting NEDs at each stage of their professional life-cycle, and Infinite Global, an international communications firm.  The initiative builds on the 2018 report The Independent Voice: Corporate Reputation and the Role of the Non-Executive Director - for a copy of the Report click the 'Download' button above.
We would very much welcome your views and perspectives as part of this important research initiative. The survey is a total of 12 questions, and will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Your responses will be anonymous and completely non-attributable.
Your insights and perspectives as either an aspiring or active non-executive director on these issues are essential to provide a better understanding of what good looks like and where improvements are required,          we would be grateful if you could spare just a few minutes to share your thoughts. 
The survey can be accessed via the link: 

Your time and input on this important issue are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to sharing the findings of the research with you in due course. 
Thank you in advance for your participation. 
Louis Cooper
Non-Executive Directors’ Association



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