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FRC: What makes a good Annual Report and Accounts

The Financial Reporting Council (‘FRC’) has published ‘What makes a Good Annual Report and Accounts’ that sets out the attributes for a high-quality Annual Report and Accounts (‘ARA’).

The ARA is the cornerstone of corporate reporting and should provide investors and other stakeholders with clear and relevant information on the company’s performance and prospects to help them make informed investment decisions and to promote effective stewardship.
As an Improvement Regulator, the FRC uses a principles-based framework which identifies corporate reporting principles and effective communication characteristics.

To Illustrate these, today’s publication provides a range of good practice examples which have been identified by the FRC as part of our ongoing supervision work.

A high-quality ARA will:

  • comply with relevant accounting standards, laws and regulations, and codes;
  • be responsive to the needs of stakeholders in an accessible way; and
  • demonstrate the corporate reporting principles and effective communication characteristics outlined in this publication.

To read more of the FRC Report click on the link above.



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