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Inclusion is a behaviour; Diversity is a trait. How do Boards create and cultivate an inclusive organisation?

In partnership with Eton Bridge Partners, NEDA hosted a virtual panel discussion on a very topical area central to the culture of an organisation. The webinar explored the critical role of the Chair in driving this agenda, how team leaders can create a climate for inclusion, the impact of new working conditions and the connection between the inclusion agenda and ‘ESG’.

The webinar was chaired by Louise Chaplin (Head of Board Practice at Eton Bridge Partners) and input and insight was provided by Kirsty Bashford (Chief Business Officer at Diaverum, and Non-Executive Director at PZ Cussons and Serco) and Louis Cooper (CEO of NEDA)
People within an organisation expect to feel included and that they should and can be appreciated for being themselves. The topic of inclusion is having a noticeable impact on board discussions, and on the activities of both executive and non-executive directors. Inclusion is not a nice-to-have or a one-off initiative for all organisations - with diversity, it has become a core topic for boards to consider, assess and act.
Several factors have driven the elevation of inclusion to the top of board discussions in addition to the talent choice point:
  • Covid-19, with its heightened focus on the importance of staff wellbeing.
  • Recent governance updates mean inclusion is required to be more formally factored into Board discussions.
  • The ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) agenda and broader expectations from shareholders, other investors and media are moving the dial to ensure that inclusion is a regular part of the board focus.
To hear a recording of the event, as well as read a more detailed summary of the discussions please click this link.





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