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Kroll Global Fraud and Risk Report (Vol. 2)

In the second volume of Kroll’s Global Fraud and Risk Report, the report seeks to illuminate how organisations globally have been impacted by fraud, corruption, money laundering and other illicit activity. The Report discusses the prevalence of internal investigations and how they are conducted and the perceived cost and value of these probes.

In today’s complex business environment, corporate investigations are becoming more frequent and publicised as business becomes increasingly regulated and companies expand their operations and supply chains across global markets and jurisdictions.

Regulatory and internal investigations sparked by allegations of fraud, corruption, money laundering and other wrongdoing often result in significant financial and reputational damage to an organisation. Potential fines, impact on share price and reputational damage are costly enough.

For those organisations that are not well-prepared or equipped, the time and cost involved in an internal investigation can be an additional source of pain.

The Kroll report expands on the themes of:

  • Fraud impact
  • Rising costs
  • Value for money considerations
  • Crafting a ‘Proactive Approach’
  • Excellence and Efficiency Through Technology

To read the full report click this link.



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