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NEDs and Boards
- guiding your organisation from turbulence to resilience

NEDA and Strategic Arrow hosted an on-line Webinar to consider how boards can guide their organisation based on a new interpretation of risk management as part of the ‘recovery phase’, post-crisis.

The ’new normal’ demands a different but comprehensive approach for identifying and managing risks in the context of the crisis and the new world on the other side.  Participants in the Webinar gained access to some new and novel ways of thinking through these issues and learnt about the different frameworks that can act as a route-map for their organisations.


Louis Cooper (NEDA CEO) opened the session with reference to the link to the previous NEDA Webinar that considered what Boards had learnt from the current crisis. He went on to outline some of the current boardroom perspectives on risk and how Risk, with Strategy, Performance and People, was an essential area of focus for all NEDs.

Alla Bashenko, Portfolio Non-Executive Director, and currently a NED at Sova Capital, Cameron Hume, Traydrstream, Montessori Group and Parkinson's UK – used her broad range of boardroom experience to explain how she sees the current risk landscape in the boardroom, together some personal thoughts on the need for more diversity of thought and innovation to equip the NED of the future to deal with new risk perspectives.

Emmanuel Lazaridis, Epidemiologist and Legal Executive, Strategic Arrow – provided an initial overview of the ‘Crisis toolkit’ that might be used for guiding organisations from turbulence to resilience; context was also provided on the transition from ‘unplanned’ crisis management to ‘business as usual’ risk management.

Estelle Clark, NED, Trustee and Governance, Assurance & Improvement Strategist, Strategic Arrow, Chartered Quality Institute, Engineering Council and UKAS – considered how businesses need to be approaching the getting back to work or ‘recovery phase’, especially from a better informed view of corporate culture and business risk tools and techniques that will help shape what the “new normal” looks like.

Watch the full webinar session using this link - please use this password: Q#P%$2AY


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