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NEDs and Boards… the lessons learnt and next steps coming out of the current crisis

NEDA and Willis Towers Watson hosted an on-line Webinar to consider how boards have coped in the current environment, especially considering how life might look post Covid-19. 

What are the issues for NEDs as board directors?... what have boards learnt about themselves?... and what are the questions NEDs should now be asking their boards and the executive team?
Graham Durgan (NEDA Chairman) chaired an insightful discussion with a very experienced and knowledgeable panel and explored a range of practical examples of how boards have and should be considering the impact of the current pandemic situation.
Francesca Ecsery, Portfolio Non-Executive Director, and currently a NED at  F&C Investment Trust plc, Marshall Motor Holdings plc, Share plc and Air France –brought her broad range of boardroom experience to explain how NEDs and boards have coped to date, together her thoughts on the way forward.
Angus Duncan, Executive Director, FINEX, Directors & Officers, Willis Towers Watson – shared his views and perspectives on the D&O Insurance market and broader director responsibilities issues in dealing with the unfolding situation, particularly focusing on potential exposure areas for directors and companies that are already coming onto the radar.
Estelle Clark, NED, Trustee and Governance, Assurance & Improvement Strategist, Strategic Arrow Limited, Chartered Quality Institute, Engineering Council and UKAS – considered how businesses need to be approaching the getting back to work or ‘recovery phase’, especially from a better informed view of corporate culture and business risk tools and techniques that will help shape what the “new normal” looks like.
Listen to or watch the full webinar session via the links below:

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