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NEDTalk Podcast from Graham Durgan, NEDA Chairman

In a two-part podcast conversation session with former regulator Lucy McClements, Graham Durgan outlines his thoughts on the current NED scene, and as well as explaining how he got involved in starting up NEDA. The podcast also includes Graham’s thoughts on:

  • What issues are NEDA members wanting to discuss in 2020?
  • What was the reasoning behind NEDA focusing on delivering a NED certificated training proposition, and why is it different from other offerings? 
  • Will there be a time when NED’s of all firms across all sectors will have to have a Non-Executive Director qualification and evidence their own competency on an annual basis?
  • How is diversity playing out in UK boardrooms – picking up on the recent views about appointing NED’s with no previous experience?
Listen to the two-part interviews via the links below:

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