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New Paper on Boardroom Behaviour and The QCA Code

The QCA and NEDA have today published new analysis on Boardroom behaviour and the QCA Corporate Governance Code

In this paper, we take four of the 10 QCA Corporate Governance Code principles and use the data from a recent QCA/YouGov Small & Mid-Cap Sentiment Index to explore them from the viewpoint of the NED, with input and insight from the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (‘NEDA’). 

Content Includes:

  • How should NEDs contribute to the business strategy and business model?
  • What skills do boards lack and what do NEDs bring? 
  • How do companies recruit directors?
  • How independent are NEDs? 
  • How gender diverse are small & mid-cap boards?
  • How should you evaluate board effectiveness?
  • What should NEDs expect in terms of remuneration, working hours, and number of board positions?
  • 5 questions for NEDs to ask themselves

The paper can be downloaded from our website here.



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