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Six steps to staying cyber aware

The best way to minimise the damage of a cyber attack is to be prepared.  

There is a difference between a security breach and a data breach; a security breach is a break-in, whereas a data breach is when a cyber criminal gets away with information.   

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the global average cost of a data breach increased from US$3.9m to US$4.2m. Costs were significantly lower for those organisation with more mature security policies for procedures, and higher for those that lacked in areas such as security AI and automation, a zero-trust approach, and cloud security.

Cyber Security experts have outlined to ICAEW the six key steps businesses need to take in order to protect themselves:

  1. Take a zero-trust approach.
  2. Take a whole organisation approach.
  3. Spend wisely
  4. Keep systems patched and passwords complex
  5. Keep users aware
  6. Stress test


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