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The ExCo’s Guide to Agility

Board Intelligence has released a guide to agility for the board. The ‘Great Resignation’, rolling lockdowns, supply chain logjams, inflation… How many times have you had to adapt in response to external events over the last two years — or just the last two months? And how many times have you found yourself thinking, “We are just too slow”?

Getting fighting fit for what is coming next is a common theme of discussion in the boardroom - 71% of UK C-level leaders admit they are struggling to make their organisation more agile. The volume and velocity of threats to survival right now are like nothing most leaders will have experienced during their careers.
We are still reeling from the effects of a global pandemic and fighting off the sequential sucker punches of geopolitical uncertainty, supply chain pressures, rampant inflation, and a drastically slowing global economy. Added to this perfect storm of shocks are skills shortages and rising salary expectations, making it increasingly difficult for employers to both find and compete for talent.

To be agile today, facing a complex and growing list of threats, we will need to move more quickly than ever. But, considering economic pressures and a tight labour market, we cannot rely on bringing more people into our corner to fight these threats. With that in mind, how do you get more from the people you have?

To read the Board Intelligence guide please click the link above.


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