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The Wicked Problem of Pandemics and Climate Change

In this article Willis Towers Watson argue that, as we fight to bounce back from the pandemic, we have the opportunity to learn from the experience and accelerate our progress in tackling climate change to build a more resilient society, more able to manage complex and interconnected risks all levels of society.

Neither the pandemic nor climate change care for international boundaries, politics or power. However, a significant difference is that the latter will never be solved by a vaccine.

Another parallel is that both represent a specific and immediate threat that has forced an acute response made increasingly difficult due to the increasingly complex global socioeconomic infrastructure, all amplifying factors for climate risks.

With a reduction in CO2 emissions by 17% during the peak of the pandemic, it gives you a sense of scale on what is required to reduce our emissions to net-zero and shows that individual action from social distancing and reduced business activity is simply not enough. Reductions will have to come from greater behavioural changes from individuals and from industry.

A need for global collaboration and scientific understanding to support evidence-based decision making and strategy planning are clear paths towards creating a more resilient future, regardless of the challenges we will face.

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