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We want your views: Request to complete a NED Forum survey on ‘People Advocates on the Board’

The Managing Partners’ Forum, in partnership with the Non-Executive Directors' Association (NEDA), is campaigning for suitable leaders and HR professionals to be appointed to Boards and ExCos.

The campaign focuses on one of the most important questions that any Board can ask its CEO, namely which management practices and what level of employee engagement are necessary to implement a strategy:

If no-one at the table is familiar with managing organisations with high levels of employee engagement, then either the question is not asked, or the ensuing discussion is superficial.

However, when two people advocates are appointed to the Board - a leader with hands-on experience of growing and sustaining high levels of employee engagement, and a senior HR professional - not only is the question asked but: 1) the debate is rigorous; and 2) the current CEO is put on notice that boosting employee engagement and happiness is fundamental to business success.

The survey aims to establish a base and set goals for the campaign. We are particularly grateful to UGM Consulting for their insight that gender balance needs proxy metrics, and to Fiona Hathorn of Women on Boards UK for permission to use some of her proxy metrics in the survey.

To complete the survey please click the link below. Please allow TEN minutes to complete the survey.

Your participation in the survey is much appreciated. Comments will not be attributed nor will a list of participants be published.

To download please click the link below:


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