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WTW 10th Annual Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Survey

2022 has seen huge changes from the rise of inflation to the war in Ukraine, political and financial instability as well as the re-opening of most of the world since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. The WTW survey provides an opportunity for directors and risk managers to indicate where their greatest concerns are.

The survey has been re-structured this year with the aim of allowing respondents to focus on the areas where they see risks being most significant – if you say that a risk is at least significant then in various places you will be asked to answer some more detailed questions focussing on that area. However, if the risk is not significant to you then you will not have any additional questions to consider. In view of the continuing emphasis that directors and risk managers have given to cyber-related risks, the survey team has also worked this year with the WTW cyber-specialists to delve more deeply into those risks.

Your assistance in completing the survey is much appreciated and will help to get the fullest possible picture of the risk landscape facing directors around the world. The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete, and in return you will receive a copy of the survey report.

To complete the survey please click on this link.




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