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WTW: Equal Pay Day – Why are we still facing gender pay bias and what can we do about it?

As Equal Pay Day comes back around for another year, it shines a light on the fact that we seem not to have moved much closer towards tackling gender pay biases, despite it being an issue that faces half of the workforce.

According to WTW’s 2023 Workforce Analytics report, men generally earn higher average salaries than women in most positions. As there are more men than women in certain functions: like Business management strategy, Data Science, Information Technology, and Transportation, you might think this sounds logical.

However, in sectors such as Human Resources, Legal, Marketing and Communication, there are more women than men. But, even in industries with more female employees, such as the Legal industry, men’s average salaries are still 12.3% higher than women’s. So, not quite so logical.

In her well-informed article, Eva Jesmiatka:

  • explores the key factors that continue to contribute to this gap; and
  • considers how we can address these issues to implement fairer pay going forward.

To read the full article please click this link.

Author details
Eva Jesmiatka, Europe Pay Equity Lead, WTW





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