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WTW Power Market Review 2022

The 2022 WTW Power Market Review looks at the myriad of challenges and complexities for power sector risk managers to negotiate during the course of the next few years.

The impact of COVID-19 may have finally begun to recede, but we are now living in a more uncertain world than ever, given the current geopolitical atmosphere, energy prices, supply chain disruptions and, of course, climate change.

As the power industry faces up to these uncertainties, there are really no easy ways to navigate the transformed risk landscape confronting the industry. But one thing seems very clear to WTW – the role of the risk manager in today’s turbulent economic and political climate has never been more critical.

 Not all the risks facing the industry can be fully mitigated, absorbed or transferred, but it will be those companies who do so to the optimum extent that will be best positioned to survive the challenges ahead.

This year's Review includes a look at the four biggest challenges that the power industry faces today and their impact on the power insurance market, as well as articles highlighting how risk managers can assist in helping their companies manage these challenges. Topics include climate risk modelling (with particular reference to physical and transition risk), managing geopolitical risks, and potential new exposures for directors and investors.

You can read a copy of the Review by following this link.



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