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Board Report from Board Intelligence: ‘Lessons learned from a crisis’

What marks the COVID-19 crisis out from other crises that we may have experienced is that it has been systemic.

Almost nothing has been left untouched by it. Our home lives and work lives have converged, and our personal and professional concerns have often become one and the same. It has also become the catalyst of what will be one of the most challenging economic environments most of us have ever had to work in.

Board Intelligence was interested to see how one of the most significant crises of our lifetimes has affected the way boards operate and what lasting lessons this period will leave us with. The Firm reached out to its network of senior leaders, chairs, board members, and governance professionals and asked them to share their observations in a series of in-depth interviews and a short survey.

The report distils the findings into 12 lessons learned under the 6 recurring themes that emerged, including:

  • Focus;
  • Board Information;
  • Purpose and Stakeholders;
  • Decision-Making;
  • The Virtual Board; and
  • Technology.

To read the findings you can access full report via the ‘Download' link above.




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