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Climate Change Committee:
The role of business in delivering the UK’s Net Zero ambition

In order to achieve Net Zero emissions in the UK by the year 2050, major transformation will be needed across all parts of society. The UK Government must set the frameworks for the transition, the private sector must invest and transform their business models, citizens must make low-carbon choices, and the third sector will challenge and support all groups to go further and faster.

Recognising the critical role that particularly the private sector has to play, the Climate Change Committee (‘CCC’) has prepared this briefing to make its Sixth Carbon Budget Advice recommendations relevant to businesses in the UK.

Companies within the UK and around the world are increasingly setting ambitious carbon reduction and net-zero strategies, often aligned with major frameworks and commitments, and driven by policy as well as other factors such as investor and customer pressure.

Yet most of these frameworks are global in nature, and as set out by the CCC in the Sixth Carbon Budget, the UK’s transition to Net Zero must be specific to the technological, geographical, political, market, and behavioural context of the UK. This briefing aims to supplement existing frameworks and commitments by setting out the key aspects of the required transition in the UK and detailing contributory actions from businesses. It is also intended to help companies to better understand and better prepare for the future UK policy landscape.

This new Report is essential reading for NEDs – to obtain a copy of the Report click on the ‘Download’ button above.



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