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2022 AGM Season Forecast

Hybrid AGMs were the topic of 80% of article resolutions in 2021. So, are they now the norm? The pandemic-fuelled move towards digital shone a light on every element of AGM logistics. From tech. to timings, it is all up for debate in the race to improve the shareholder experience. But that is not the only significant shift we are experiencing.

Investors see upcoming AGMs as an opportunity for companies to show they are adapting to evolving societal and economic pressures. Big questions are back on the table and investors want future-fit answers.

Last year, institutional investors continued to be lenient, understanding that the pandemic was still causing incredible uncertainty. No more. It is time to go back to taking a longer-term view.

With that in mind, to help you prepare for AGMs in 2022, EQ has highlight three key themes in their new report:

  • AGM logistics – With no need for knee-jerk COVID-related reactions, companies are ensuring they offer the experience both retail shareholders and institutional investors need.
  • Environmental, social and governance – New rules and greater societal awareness put climate change squarely on the agenda.
  • Executive compensation – More than ever, companies need to explain their unique context and how that contributes to decisions.

To read the full report click on the link.



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